Prosperity through knowledge.

Empowering 1.3 billion Indians through technology, analytics and powerful vernacular content.

About us

Prosperfit is India’s leading Digital literacy & empowerment platform.

We provide holistic content in over 90 languages & dialects, and smart technology tools to empower & nudge users towards right actions.

Prosperfit is driven by social impact.

Our technology platform uses content-based triggers to engage, educate and empower users across diverse socio-economic backgrounds.


On-demand and mass-customized content,
delivered at scale.

Prosperfit uses proprietary models & viewing-behaviour patterns to produce vernacular content in-house, in over 90 languages & dialects.

We deliver this boutique content in a secure, scalable and targeted way, using our technology platform - to reach diverse audience groups through smartphones & limited feature phones.


Prosperfit nurtures deep collaborations with key ecosystem players; to ultimately empower & elevate the financially fragile.
Our goal is to use digital literacy as a tool to meaningfully generate economic independence, sustainable livelihood & good habits.

We have strong domain expertise and work credentials, with a sharp focus on delivering value for those working with large bases of economically-emerging users at the bottom of the pyramid.

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