Prosperfit is a strategic content company for the development sector

We support diverse development programs of our partners globally, with our digital and non-digital content that’s engaging, educational and hyper-localized in over 90 languages & dialects. Our full-stack production capability is run by a high-quality team, with backgrounds in behavioral understanding, design, creative visualization and storytelling that’s nuanced to local tastes.


Prosperfit seeks to provide content solutions of superior creative value and forms that ignite, inspire and improve the lives of people globally.
We’re convinced that if we do this well, our consumers will reward us with their loyalty, active engagement and financial value, allowing our people, shareholders and communities to prosper.

Senior team

Kshitij Shrivastava

CEO & Co-founder

Aman Bhargava

COO & Co-founder

Neha Cougnery

Head of Content

Partha Jyoti Borah

VP Products

Grow with Prosperfit

Whether you write stories that capture the imagination, or doodle and illustrate them into rich graphics. Whether you shoot live-action or create animated films; or perhaps make characters come alive with your voiceover. Whatever be your art, at Prosperfit, you’ll always find a platform.

Come join us, and participate in creating stories that travel far – stories that help people live better lives.

Write to us at talent@prosperfit.org